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In all boating safety courses—classes as well as online boating courses—boaters are taught the specific equipment requirements for their state and their vessel type. Each and every time boaters go out on the water, they should be sure their vessels are properly equipped with sufficient personal flotation devices, navigation lights, sound signals, and more.

The Vessel Safety Check Program offers free safety checks to boaters who wish to be sure that their boats meet all federal and state requirements. These boating safety equipment checks are meant to be educational and helpful, and are a smart follow-up to any boating safety course.

The Vessel Examiners who perform these checks are specially trained United States Coast Guard Auxiliarists who are kept informed on the latest legal requirements for boaters, including boating licenses and operating age and education requirements. Vessel Examiners have no legal authority—their goal is to prevent boaters from getting equipment-related citations and to reduce boating accidents.

The Vessel Examiners will check for all required items on board your boat and if everything is present and in good working order, they will award a decal to affix to your boat. If you wish, they will also gladly explain the reason for the various boating safety equipment requirements and explain explain how boat safety equipment works.

To find out more about Vessel Safety Examinations, to request one, or to complete a virtual examination, visit http://safetyseal.net.

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